Enhancing Room Service Efficiency in Stay-cations with iPad Single App Mode


Recently, I went on a leisure trip to the most happening city in the world. Yes! You guessed that right. Las Vegas is as happening as it’s seen in the movies. However, due to my hectic flight schedule and long layover, I was feeling quite tired from getting there. On completion of all the airport formalities, when I finally took a cab to the hotel/ staycation, my mind was looking for some relaxation and food. Thankfully, the hotel I booked wasn’t so far from the airport, so it didn’t take much time to get there. I was already used to the digital check-in processes in the hotels. Probably which is why, neither I nor the reception guy took much time to complete the process. 

Checking into my room, hunger started knocking on my stomach and I was in dire need of some food. Now, going through the whole process of calling the front desk, reading out the menu, placing an order and waiting for it to be delivered really drains my energy and patience as it takes a lot of time. Looking for a better solution, I suddenly discovered an iPad attached to my bedside table, featuring the regular menu. I was in utter astonishment.

The whole menu selection and ordering process was so swift that I didn’t even realize how much time it took. It was even showing me the wait time, and once prepared, the staff served it hot directly to my suit. No calls, no discussions, … I was so satisfied with the whole process that I didn’t even hesitate to share my feedback with him instantly. Satisfying my tummy, I was checking on the other services on the iPad. What I discovered was, they were using their staycation app, which was running 24×7 on the iPads featuring all the services they provide.

There is an old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Well, in my case, what happened this time in Vegas was definitely not going to stay in Vegas. Extremely satisfied with the modern hospitality gesture during my stay, I had a conversation with their management on the last day of my trip. After a long, remarkable conversation, I came to know about this feature called iPad “Single App Mode”, provided by a Mobile Device Management Solution, can run a particular app 24×7 on the business iPads. Returning home, I researched a bit about this new thing I came to know. And I am going to share everything that thrilled me about this feature.

  • Single App Mode

Single App Mode is a feature in Apple devices that allows the users (IT Admins/ Company owners) to lock their Apple devices (iPads & iPhones) into a specific application, averting access to any other application. The main reason to turn the business devices into single app mode is to turn your iPads into a single purpose device without worrying about the security or misuse. 

In the case of hotels, the management can easily turn their business iPads into Single App Mode with their room service app. All they need to do is, select a robust and cost-effective  MDM solution like Auro24 and turn on the Single App Mode in their iPads. Once it is enrolled and set up, they can easily choose their desired app to run 24×7 on their business iPads.

  • Advantages of Room Service Apps in Single App Mode

Hotels can install and run their desired room service Apps which come with a number of advantages.

  1.  User-friendly Dashboard

The iPad Single App Mode provides a user-friendly dashboard, which makes it easier for the business owners to navigate the desired application. With intuitive controls and clear visuals, admins can easily access key functions, monitor performance metrics of the devices, and make informed decisions. 

  1. Real-time Tracking

The iPad Single App Mode comes with an excellent feature i.e. real-time tracking. This feature allows the admins to get real-time updates about their business devices, including device status, battery life and device location, which helps them to track the devices in case they face any issues with them.

  1. Robust Security

By restricting iPad functionality to a single app, business owners can enhance device security. With the help of the iPad Single App Mode feature, business owners can disable hardware buttons in their business iPads, as well as set a number of restrictions which can  prevent the users from accessing other apps or sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches or unnecessary access. This does not only provide robust security to the devices, but also helps enhance productivity.

      4. Cost-effective Solution

Implementing a room service app in iPad Single App Mode can lead to cost savings and resource optimization for hotels. By digitizing the overall room service process, you can reduce the need for printed services, paper order forms, and manual copies of orders, saving on paper and printing costs. Additionally, the streamlined workflow and real-time order tracking capabilities help optimize staff productivity and reduce waste, resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings for the hotel.

      5. Feedback Forms

With iPad Single App Mode, business owners can also feature feedback forms, which after each service interaction, can help the customers to provide valuable insights about their experience. Guests can rate the quality of their experience, provide suggestions for improvement, and share their overall fulfillment levels, helping hotels continuously enhance their offerings and exceed guest expectations.

       6. Remote Update

With the help of MDM Solution, you don’t have to worry about the updates of the room service apps. The Auro24 MDM solution makes it easier for you to facilitate remote updates of your digital room service apps to avoid any sort of errors that guests might encounter during their stay. You can easily update the digital app remotely through the App Store or MDM store.

   7. Inventory Management

One of the key advantages of these digital apps is their ability to track inventory in real-time. With such an excellent facility, the SMBs can efficiently manage and supervise all their business iPads and avoid any type of mismanagement situations. This leads to better inventory control, decreasing the possibility of losses and maximizing profits.

  • Value Addition For the Guests

Implementing iPad Single App Mode to feature room service apps, not only benefits your business but also can be a pleasing experience for your guests.

  • In Room Dining Services

The iPad Single App Mode, featuring a room service app, provides your guests the complete authority to access a comprehensive menu showcasing a range of dining options, beverages, and other services available for in-room delivery. From gourmet meals to refreshing beverages and pleasure-seeking desserts, guests can explore a diverse range of options tailored to suit their preferences and dietary requirements along with customizable options.

  •  High Definition Display

Eye-catching depiction always has an alluring impact on the viewers. The app utilizes high-resolution images to showcase featured items and amenities, tempting the guests with enticing visuals to enhance their dining experience. From mouthwatering food photography to stunning imagery of spa treatments and recreational activities, the visual presentation adds an extra layer of stimulation and expectancy for guests.

  • Seamless Ordering Process

Distraction free navigation through Single App Mode simplifies the in room ordering process for guests. By providing a user-friendly interface to browse menus and place orders straight from the rooms, this feature helps reduce the manual effort for the guests to place an order. With just a few clicks on the iPad screen, guests can access a wide-ranging menu, customize their orders, and submit requests without the need for phone calls or in-person interactions. This overall process does not only satisfy the guests but also lessens the chance of any manual error for the staff, elevating the hospitality experience.

  • Intensify Guest Experience

By offering an expedient and well-organized way to access room service amenities, hotels can extensively enhance guest satisfaction levels. With the room service app in iPad Single App Mode, they provide their guests the flexibility to order meals, beverages, and other services like spa, body massage, etc. at their convenience, even outside of regular service hours. As the Single App Mode features the room service app 24×7, it becomes easier for the guests to browse through multiple room service options without the struggle of searching for it. This suppleness caters to the diverse needs and preferences of guests, ensuring that their stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


In the 21st century, where everything in and around is turning completely digital, the execution of iPad Single App Mode seems like a realistic solution, especially for SMBs, where less manpower and less capital are required. By welcoming the iPad Single App Mode into your business, you can effortlessly create a lifelong positive impression on your customers and leave a scope for them to visit your hotel again. So, without any second thought, turn your business iPads into digital menu apps through Single App Mode with the most robust MDM Solution of Auro24.

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