Enhance Library Management Experience with iPad Single App Mode


Life of a bookworm is not so easy. You always have to keep managing time for your favorite book to finish. As a bookworm, I try to keep my weekends engaged in my favorite hobby. Being a new resident in this city of The United States, I was not so familiar with the library culture. However, I started visiting this city library in Denver since last month. The most interesting thing that caught my mind here was, that the library did not require any membership and one could spend as much time as they wanted to, with their favorite books.

Entering the library on the very first day, I was a bit amazed to see the collection of books, but at the same time confused with a question in my mind, “How would I be able to find my favorite books from such a huge collection?”. Worried, I moved towards the reception desk for some help. When I explained to the receptionist guy about my concern, he guided me with an iPad displaying an application and asked me to search for the availability of the books I was looking for. Surprised a bit, I started typing the names, and including the availability, it also helped me locate the sections to find the books. However, when I was trying to leave the app to navigate through other options on the iPad, it was not letting me.

Surprised by the innovative idea, I asked the reception guy about the technique they were using to keep their iPads away from being misused. After a long discussion, I came to know about this feature called “Single App Mode”, which, if activated on the iPad with a desired application, helps restrict the user activity to that particular app only, lessening the chances of the device being misused, providing better security.

  • Single App Mode

This iPad Single App Mode is a feature that allows the users (IT Admins/ business owners) to lock their Apple devices (iPads & iPhones) into a specific application, averting access to any other application. The main reason to turn business devices into single app mode is to turn your iPads into a single-purpose device without worrying about security or misuse. 

In the case of this library, they turned their business iPads into Single App Mode to feature activities like enrolling the member’s data, helping them to find book availability, etc. All they had to do was, select a robust and cost-effective MDM solution like Auro24 and turn on the Single App Mode on their iPads.

Once the setup was done, they were able to run their desired app to feature the contents 24×7 on their business iPads.

  • Benefits of Implementing Single App Mode

Implementing Single App Mode in their business iPads to run their desired application offers several benefits, which has helped them a lot to run their business more efficiently.

1.      Effortlessly Operated Dashboard

The iPad Single App Mode offers an easily operated dashboard, which makes it easier for business owners to navigate the desired application. With intuitive controls and clear visuals, the operators can easily access key functions, monitor the performance metrics of the devices, and make informed decisions.

2.      Enhanced Security

Features of iPad Single App Mode allow owners to set some security policies and restrictions as per their needs. Such an enhanced security measure does not only limit the user activity to that particular app but also lessens the scope of them to misuse the devices. Apart from that, these sets of restrictions prevent the users from accessing any sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches or unnecessary access. Such an advantageous feature helps enhance business productivity alongside providing robust security.

3.      Real-time Insights

The iPad Single App Mode comes with an outstanding feature i.e. real-time tracking. This feature allows the owner to get real-time updates about their devices, including device status, battery life, and device location, which helps them to track the devices in case they face any issues with them while using the device.

4.      Cost-effective Solution

The old school pen & paper method of member detail enrollment was a time-consuming as well as a bit costly process, as it included a huge amount of investment in the printed forms. Besides, assisting the members with the right section of books required enough manpower. However, putting the library app in iPad Single App Mode not only fulfilled the lack of man-power but also saved the cost of the pen & paper method.

5.      Easy Member Enrollment

The most important benefit they get by installing a library app in Single App Mode is the member enrollment facility. Putting the business iPad in the reception desk in Single App Mode helps the management to let the members seamlessly enter their details for free membership, without the chance of any manual errors.

6.      Limited Internet Access

While libraries embrace the internet as a vast source of information, they also prioritize safe and controlled access, especially for younger users. iPad Single App Mode enables libraries to restrict browsing to pre-approved websites or library-specific online resources by limiting the user’s accessibility to that particular app only. This helps safeguard patrons from potentially harmful content. This controlled internet access ensures a secure online environment conducive to learning and exploration.

  • Value Addition for the Members

Implementing iPad Single App Mode to feature library apps, not only benefits the management but also can be an enjoyable experience for the members.

  • Interactive Learning Stations: Libraries can set up dedicated iPad stations with educational apps and games tailored to different age groups. Children can enjoy interactive learning experiences, while adults can access language learning tools or professional development resources.
  • Digital Signage and Information Kiosks: iPads locked in Single App Mode can serve as digital signage or information kiosks, providing visitors with updates, event schedules, library maps, and other relevant information.
  • Catalog Access: Instead of traditional catalog terminals, libraries can deploy iPads running catalog apps in Single App Mode, allowing members to search for books, reserve materials, and access library services with ease.
  • Study and Research Stations: For students and researchers, iPads equipped with academic databases, reference materials, and productivity tools can serve as dedicated study and research stations, facilitating focused work sessions.


iPad Single App Mode presents an invaluable tool for libraries seeking to create focused, productive, and engaging environments for their patrons. By leveraging this feature, libraries can harness the power of technology to enhance learning, promote literacy, and foster a sense of community within their spaces. iPad Single App Mode with the support of MDM solutions like Auro24 can revolutionize the way libraries serve their communities in the digital age.

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