How Beauty Clinics Can Get Benefited with iPad Single App Mode


Is there anyone who does not love grooming or a makeover? I bet not! And I am also not an exception. When my weekdays get me a bit preoccupied with a lot of workload, my weekends demand for some makeovers and relaxation. Just like that, last Sunday, I went for a relaxation and spa at a nearby beauty salon. This salon is quite popular in New York City for its excellent services. Finishing my lunch, I was getting ready to be there. I already had my appointment booked over the telephone, so it didn’t take much time for me to get there.

Reaching there, I was seated in the hall and waiting  for my turn to come, when one of the staff held me an iPad to go through the menu displaying the offers and services including the tariffs. The most interesting thing I encountered was, they were using their own salon app to display the services, and no matter how much I was trying to leave the app, it was not letting me. A few moments later, I found two children struggling with the same problem when they were trying to search for a game on the iPads provided to their parents. However, I found this feature very interesting.

After a while, when my turn came to take the service, I went inside and described the incident to the staff. To which, she shared a piece of very important information with a smile of satisfaction on her face. I remember her mentioning a feature named Single App Mode for Apple devices. She also mentioned that this was the reason for me not being able to change anything on the iPad screens. Being a tech lover, I researched this feature and found a lot of interesting information, which I am going to share in this blog.

  • Single App Mode

I guess you can already imagine a scenario where clients can effortlessly book appointments directly from the business iPads put in the reception. With Single App Mode, beauty clinics can offer such an application tailored to their services, which can assist the clients book an appointment by themselves.

This iPad Single App Mode is a feature that allows the users (IT Admins/ business owners) to lock their Apple devices (iPads & iPhones) into a specific application, averting access to any other application. The main reason to turn the business devices into single app mode is to turn your iPads into a single-purpose device without worrying about security or misuse. 

In the case of this beauty salon, they turned their business iPads into Single App Mode to feature their service & offers and also help the clients to book appointments. All they had to do was, select a robust and cost-effective MDM solution like Auro24 and turn on the Single App Mode on their iPads.

Once the setup was done, they were able to run their desired app to feature the contents 24×7 on their business iPads.

  • Single App Mode & Multiple Purposes

While talking to the staff about this feature, I got to know that they were using the Single App Mode feature not only to display their services, but also for multiple purposes which later on I also came across with.

  • Customer Data Enrollment

They were using the iPad Single App Mode to keep their customer data enrolled. For this purpose, they kept a customer enrollment form prepared, which was set in Single App Mode, and every customer was entering their details for the enrollment process to take services in future as well.

  • Services & Offers

This was another purpose for using the iPad Single App Mode. As I already shared, they were using the feature to display their services with the tariffs and also to showcase promotional offers. This technique impressed the clients a lot as the digitally displayed service details were easy to understand.

  • POS System

This was another purpose for them to use the iPad Single App Mode. Since they were pretty much aware of the risk of data breaches during online transactions, they rather chose to execute the transaction process through the Point of Sale System. All they had to do was to select their desired POS app and run that in Single App Mode. Such an innovative move did not only make seamless payment transactions, but also minimized the risk of any cyber threat, which ultimately helped elevate customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback Forms

This was another compelling initiative by them to display feedback forms in iPad Single App Mode. After receiving such excellent services, the customers always want to leave their valuable feedback which can inspire the staff to deliver their best in future as well. In the salon, once my payment was done and I was heading towards home, one of the staff came with another iPad to receive my constructive comments on the services. The feedback form was easy to understand and the seamless navigation through the form did not take much time to share my experience. 

Since I came across several prolific experiences with iPad Single App Mode, I can assure that they also get a number of benefits from this innovative feature, which not only improves their business security, but also helps boost productivity.

  • Benefits They Get by Implementing Single App Mode

Implementing Single App Mode in their business iPads to run their desired application offers several benefits, which has helped them a lot to run their business more efficiently.

  1. Easily Operated Dashboard

The iPad Single App Mode offers an easily operated dashboard, which makes it easier for business owners to navigate the desired application. With intuitive controls and clear visuals, the operators can easily access key functions, monitor performance metrics of the devices and make informed decisions.

  1. Enhanced Security

Features of iPad Single App Mode allow business owners to set some security policies and restrictions as per their business needs. Such an enhanced security measure does not only limit the user activity to that particular app but also lessens the scope of them to misuse the devices. Apart from that, these sets of restrictions prevent the users from accessing any sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches or unnecessary access. Such an advantageous feature helps enhance business productivity alongside providing robust security.

  1. Real-time Insights

The iPad Single App Mode comes with an outstanding feature i.e. real-time tracking. This feature allows the owner to get real-time updates about their business devices, including device status, battery life, and device location, which helps them to track the devices in case they face any issues with them.

  1. Remote Update & Management

With the help of MDM Solution, the admins don’t have to worry about the updates and management of their desired apps. The Auro24 MDM solution makes it easier for you to facilitate remote updates of your digital apps to avoid any sort of errors that clients might encounter during their booking. You can easily update the digital app remotely through the App Store or MDM store.

  1.  Inventory Management

One of the key advantages of these digital apps in Single App Mode is their ability to track inventory in real-time. With such an excellent facility, Small and Medium Businesses can efficiently manage and supervise all their business iPads and avoid any type of mismanagement situations. This leads to better inventory control, decreasing the possibility of losses and maximizing profits.

  1. Profitable Solution

The implementation of an appointment booking app in iPad Single App Mode can lead to cost savings and resource optimization for hotels. By digitizing the overall process of taking appointments, featuring services & promotions, and providing feedback forms (in a few cases), you can reduce the need for printed services, and paper feedback forms, and also reduce the requirement of manpower to manage everything. Additionally, the streamlined workflow and real-time order tracking capabilities help optimize staff productivity and reduce waste, resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings for the hotel.


Incorporating Single App Mode into beauty clinics for appointment booking presents a transformative opportunity to enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive business growth. By embracing technology and prioritizing convenience, beauty clinics can stay ahead of the curve, delighting clients and maximizing operational effectiveness in an increasingly digital landscape. With the right strategy and implementation, Single App Mode with a robust MDM Solution like Auro24 can revolutionize the way beauty appointments are booked and managed, setting new standards for the small & medium business industry.

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