Embracing the Power of iPad Single App Mode at Reception Areas and Check-In Stations


A few months back, I went on a business trip to this city in the USA, where I had to stay in a hotel for a few days. To my surprise, the facilities in the stay case were so up-to-date that it didn’t feel tiring at all to finish the check-in process. Honestly, I was a bit worried about the manual process, as it is very time-consuming and I was too tired to spend so much time on this. As soon as I entered the hotel, I was impressed with their reception area. Everything was organized digitally and I just needed to enter my details for the check-in procedure myself. There were 2-3 iPads in the reception desk, with one specific check-in app running all the time. I asked the reception guy about it and he guided me through the steps. It was so easy to manage that it didn’t take more than a minute to complete the whole check-in process. I was so relieved to feel that I had enough time now to take some rest before leaving for work. The whole thing happened so fast that it left me amused and satisfied. 

Later on, the same day returning from work, when I asked the receptionist about this technology he mentioned the Single App Mode facility which not only made their job easier but also increased guest satisfaction. What he mentioned was that during the peak of the seasonal vacations, it was becoming impossible to manage the rush as a large number of guests were checking in regularly. Eventually, it turned out to be a difficult job for the employees to keep every detail of the guests updated. This is when the management came up with the idea of setting iPads at the reception counter to ease the job of the employees. However, a month of experience made them realize that this was not a great idea, as the guests were involving themselves more in the iPads for entertainment instead of completing their formalities. Their next smarter step was to turn on Single App Mode in their business iPads which could help them to run only their business app 24×7. This idea worked like a charm and the whole process became easier than they even thought. Just a single but smart move made the whole thing seamless for both the employees and the guests.

  • Guest Check-in App through Single App Mode

Single App Mode is a feature in Apple devices that allows the users (IT Admins/ Company owners) to lock their Apple devices (MacBooks, iPads) into a specific application, averting access to any other application. The main reason to turn the business devices into single app mode is to increase the productivity of your business without worrying about the security of your devices.

 In the case of hotels, the management can easily turn their business iPads into Single App Mode with a third-party guest check-in app. All they need to do is, select the most robust and cost-effective Auro24 MDM solution, enroll their iPads into the MDM, and turn on the Single App Mode in their iPads. Once it is selected, they can easily choose their desired app to run 24×7 on their business iPads.

  • Features offered by Check-in apps in Single App Mode

The digital check-in apps come with several features that help the guests make their hotel check-in experience easier.

  1. Quick Registration

One of the noticeable features of Single App Mode in events is the acceleration of the check-in process. The guests can seamlessly input their information without the distraction of other apps, resulting in quicker registration times and reduced queues.

  1. Personalized Interaction

Hotel check-ins often require personalized interactions with the guests. With the check-in apps in the Single App Mode, there is no need to get every detail from individual guests, which is not only time-consuming but also a hectic job.

  1. Streamlined Navigation 

The dedicated application in Single App Mode eliminates the need for the guests to navigate through multiple screens. This ease not only accelerates the check-in process but also ensures that even first-time users find the interface intuitive and easy to use.

       4.  Integrated Services

The flexibility of Single App Mode enables hotels to incorporate various services into the application, such as room service requests, concierge assistance, or information about amenities. This consolidation enhances the guest experience and promotes the seamless use of available facilities.

     5. Well-organized Check-in Facility

Hotels can appreciably advance the guest check-in experience by utilizing Single App Mode. With a dedicated check-in application, guests can promptly provide the necessary information, minimizing the time spent at the front desk and allowing reception staff to focus on delivering personalized services.

  • Advantages of Guest Check-in App in Single App Mode

Using Single App mode for featuring Digital Check-in apps in hotels comes with many advantages.

  • Seamlessly Operated Dashboard

The iPad Single App Mode offers an easily operated dashboard, which makes it easier for business owners to navigate the desired application. With intuitive controls and clear visuals, the operators can easily access key functions, monitor performance metrics of the devices and make informed decisions.

  • Enhanced Security

Single App Mode adds a layer of security by preventing unauthorized access to other applications or sensitive data on the iPad. This is particularly crucial in events where privacy and data protection are vital. Guests can feel secure that their information is protected throughout the check-in process.

  • Real-time Insights

The iPad Single App Mode comes with an outstanding feature i.e. real-time tracking. This feature allows the owner to get real-time updates about their business devices, including device status, battery life, and device location, which helps them to track the devices in case they face any issues with them.

  • Remote Update:

With the help of MDM Solution, you don’t have to worry about the updates of the check-in apps. The Auro24 MDM solution makes it easier for you to facilitate remote updates of your Digital check-in apps to avoid any sort of errors that guests might encounter during the check-in process. You can easily update your digital check-in app remotely through the App Store or MDM store.

  • Cost-effective Solution

The implementation of an appointment booking app in iPad Single App Mode can lead to cost savings and resource optimization for hotels. By digitizing the overall process of taking appointments, featuring services & promotions, and providing feedback forms (in a few cases), you can reduce the need for printed services, and paper feedback forms, and also reduce the requirement of manpower to manage everything. Additionally, the streamlined workflow and real-time order tracking capabilities help optimize staff productivity and reduce waste, resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings for the hotel.

  • Inventory Management

One of the key advantages of these digital apps is their ability to track inventory in real time. With such an excellent facility, the SMBs can efficiently manage and supervise all their business iPads and avoid any type of mismanagement situations. This leads to better inventory control, decreasing the possibility of losses and maximizing profits.


As we navigate a digital era where time is of the essence, the implementation of Single App Mode on iPads emerges as a practical solution to streamline reception and check-in processes. Whether at events, hotels, or conferences, the benefits of this technological boon extend beyond mere efficiency. By embracing Single App Mode, businesses can create a lasting impression on their customers and set the period for a future where seamless interactions are the new normal. So, without any second thought, turn your business iPads into digital menu apps through Single App Mode with the most robust MDM Solution of Auro24.

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