Setting Up a MacBook with the Zero-touch Deployment 


The popularity of remote working facilities has become quite common these days, and MacBook is the most user-friendly device for the remote employees, as it comes with many technical facilities. However, as most of the employees are working remotely or outside the office, setting up the latest MacBook devices has become a little difficult for the company owners or Apple Admins. It is really hectic to assist each new team member individually on their first day. This is where; the Zero-touch deployment has become the need of the hour to set up the Apple devices easily with an Out of the box experience.

This Zero-touch deployment is a technique where the Apple devices are pre-configured to enroll in your Apple Device Management Solution (ADM) when a new employee or user starts it for the first time. So, with such a zero-touch deployment facility, IT Admins can directly ship those devices to the new team members at their working locations without setting up manually.

In this blog, we will be discussing what Zero-touch deployment is, how it works, and how to employ it in your Apple devices.

  • What is Zero-touch Deployment?

 The Zero-touch deployment is referred to as the automated deployment, which means you can automatically enroll your Apple devices in your Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution without actually touching the device physically before it reaches the users. 

Whenever you buy any Apple devices from the Apple store directly or from an Apple authorized reseller, it automatically appears in the ABM web console. Then, to complete the enrollment process, you need to assign the devices to one of the most robust MDM providers like Auro24. Once it’s done, the device then gets in touch with the solution and prepares the enrollment profile. Once the enrollment is done, the device can download other profiles from the MDM, which can organize the device settings.

  • Advantages of the Employee-ready Experience

The zero-touch deployment has become one of the most favorite facilities for both the Apple admins as well as the employees. The term “Zero-touch Deployment” is used because the employees don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to set up their MacBooks manually. Everything is set up without even touching the device physically. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the Zero-touch Deployment:

  • Easy and Faster Deployment: The most popular advantage of the Zero-touch deployment is that it reduces the effort and saves time for the users setting up their MacBooks. The previous physical process of deployment took a lot of time and steps to set up the device properly. If you want to grow your business rapidly and in a superior way, you need to gain operational excellence by cutting down the steps of unboxing a device and configuring it step by step. A growing business needs to come up with a smarter solution, and that’s exactly where the zero-touch deployment works. 

With such a setup, you only need to spend your time on two things – First,  setting up the Apple Business Manager (ABM) and your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Second, shipping your MacBooks to the correct locations. If these two factors are done correctly, then it does not take time for the initial deployments, as they run automatically. Automatic deployments not only save your time and effort but also help the employees set up their device in a hassle-free way.

  • Increased Security: The zero-touch deployment can easily increase the security of your company or organization. With the Mobile Device Management Solution, this facility ensures that all the devices are enrolled and controlled from the initial stage. Another fact is that, as the devices are under the complete control of the company owners, they can easily install all the security apps and settings that they want their employees to have.  
  • Cost Reducing: With all the pre-configured settings and applications as well as enhanced competence, this zero-touch deployment facility is a money saver. With its automated deployment solution, it reduces the threat of human errors, which could lead to a huge expense. This automated deployment process makes it easier to install every required application correctly, which can save money and time in the near future.
  • Methods of Implementing Zero-touch Deployment
  • The first step of implementation starts with setting up the Apple Business Manager (ABM), which means combining your MDM solution with it. You need to put the reseller number of your Apple device vendor or your own Apple customer ID to ensure every device you buy in the future, is assigned to your MDM solution.
  • The devices will be visible on your Auro24 dashboard, and you can assign your required device profiles, containing the required apps, settings, and policies. the Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) in your device management solution on the web console.
  • Now, you are ready to order the devices of your choice and can ship them directly to your employees at their locations.
  • After receiving the devices, when the employees turn them on and connect to the internet, all the necessary apps, settings and policies will be installed automatically.


The zero-touch deployment is an important method for those who want to grow their business smartly and efficiently, without wasting too much time and money. But, to make your deployment experience smoother, you need to select the right Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution considering the services provided. So, choose the right MDM and experience a wonderful experience with the zero-touch deployment.

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