Enhancing Self-service Account Opening with iPad Single App Mode


Almost six months ago, it was my first day in my new office in Manhattan. Excited and nervous, I was in a rush to reach there on time to complete all the first-day formalities. Reaching there, I was told by my senior that I needed to open a new savings account in this particular bank to get my salary credited. It was another challenge for me because I was new in the city and it might take some time to reach the bank, complete the procedure, and come back again. Also, there was a high chance of not getting my work done quickly, because weekdays have pretty hectic scenarios in the city banks. However, I conveyed my concern to my senior, and he assured me with the hope that everything would be managed on time. Worried, I headed towards my bank with all my necessary documents. However, I was still struggling with the doubt of managing everything on time.

This bank was nearly half an hour’s distance from my office. Reaching there, I witnessed quite a large queue waiting inside with several purposes. I became even more worried to see that. I was trying to communicate with someone, who could help with the procedure of opening a new account. But it was next to impossible to reach that particular counter ignoring the queue. Seeing me tense, a gentleman came forward and started questioning my concern. Listening to the actual problem, he showed me one particular counter of self-service kiosks. Initially, I thought this might be another stressful experience for me, as there was also a long queue waiting for their turn. But when I reached the counter, I found it was hardly taking any time for the people to finish the whole process. I was quite curious to see what was exactly happening there. 

When my number came, I saw a large iPad was put there and the screen was asking me to fill in my details and documents. As instructed, I kept following the steps, and the whole process was completed within two minutes. Impressed by the whole experience, I tried to talk to the management about it. Someone from the tech team informed me about this interesting thing called “Single App Mode”, which is used to run the same app 24×7 on the business iPads. My curiosity was at its peak, so I kept asking more about it. They also mentioned this feature called Mobile Device Management, with the help of which, this whole process is done seamlessly. The discussion took a while which ultimately made me late in the office, but I came to a lot of things that made me feel amazed. 

  • Features I Encountered with the Self-service App

A banking app for self-service account opening in iPad Single App Mode typically includes a range of features designed to facilitate a seamless and user-friendly experience. Here are some common features I found:

  • Secure Sign-in

Secure sign-in methods such as biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID) or other user authentication are there to ensure that only authorized users can access the app in the future.

  • Personal Information Input

The next step followed a seamless process to include all the personal details that required for a new account opening. Such as name, address, contact details, and identification information. The user-friendly interface made it easier for me to input everything quickly.

  • Document Upload

Personal detail input was followed by uploading all the necessary documents. It was easier to upload the scanned documents which were required for identity verification.

  • Automatic Identity Verification

It took hardly a few seconds to verify the authenticity of user-provided information and documents.

  • Electronic Signature

This was the most interesting part that I came across. This feature detects the ability for users to electronically sign necessary documents, such as account agreements or disclosures, directly within the app using touch or stylus input.

  • Account Type Selection

There is a list of Options for users to select the type of account they wish to open (checking, savings, and credit card) and any associated features or services they may want to include.

  • Real-time Assistance

There is easy access to customer support features such as live chat or FAQs to assist users in case they encounter any issues or have questions during the account opening process.

  • Advantages of these Banking Apps in iPad Single App Mode

There are several advantages to putting such an app in iPad Single App Mode for completing the self-service processes.

  • Streamlined Process

The iPad Single App Mode simplifies the account opening process by providing customers with a dedicated app interface. This streamlines the steps involved, reducing paperwork, minimizing manual data entry errors, and expediting the overall process.

  • Better Security & Compliance

The Single App Mode restricts iPads to run only the designated banking application, enhancing security by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive customer information. This ensures compliance with data protection regulations and builds trust in customers regarding the safety of their personal and financial data.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

By empowering customers to open accounts at their convenience using user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, iPad Single App Mode enhances the overall customer experience. It allows individuals to complete the account opening process swiftly and efficiently, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

  • Cost-effective

Automating manual processes and reducing the need for physical paperwork and in-person interactions result in significant cost savings for financial institutions. This technology helps optimize resource allocation, minimize administrative overheads, and improve operational competence.

  • Swift Customer Handling

By eliminating the need for customers to visit a physical branch or wait for manual processing, iPad Single App Mode accelerates the account opening turnaround time. This enables banks to onboard new customers swiftly, improving efficiency and reducing the time to revenue.


The iPad Single App Mode offers a myriad of benefits for banks seeking to enhance their self-service account opening capabilities. From streamlining processes and improving security to enhancing customer experience and gaining a competitive advantage, this technology plays a crucial role in driving innovation and success in the banking sector. Single App Mode along with the help of MDM solutions like Auro24 creates revolutionary solutions to provide people with a secure yet cost-effective experience.

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