Enhancing Healthcare Data Security by Turning Business iPads into Single App Mode


The post-pandemic era has impacted so strongly for everyone that hospital visits have become a frequent event for most people. The same thing happened to me as well. It was a busy day and I went to a renowned city hospital with my father for his regular checkup. Entering the hospital, what I found was a large queue, waiting to enroll their patient details at the reception counter. It was equally troubling and irritating for everyone as some of them had patients with severe illnesses. The reception attendees looked very tense and stressed while managing such a large number of patients.  

Just a few months back, when I visited there again for the same reason, I encountered some decent & organized arrangements for the patients to avoid the hassle of standing in a long queue for hours. The management took a great initiative by putting iPads at every reception counter to enroll the patient details digitally. This idea did not only help the visitors but also helped the healthcare professionals to manage the crowd during any rush. Being a tech-friendly person, I found it quite easy to enroll all the details of my father. However, when I was looking around, I found several elderly people struggling with the same because it was pretty difficult for them to enroll the details digitally. 

Not so long ago, I went there for my friend and found a very harmonious ambiance inside the hospital. There was no rush in the reception, no chaos or queue of the family members to enroll their patient details. While my friend was enrolling her details, I came to know that the management was facing different issues after transforming everything digitally. Some patients have no idea about the technology, so they were not able to enroll in the details and instead were clicking on unnecessary apps and options to get through this, some children were constantly hampering the purpose by playing games on the iPads. Such a situation became another headache for the hospital management team, because these issues were not solving their purpose of putting iPads on the receptions. 

To avoid such situations, they played smart instead of hard. With the boon of Mobile Device Management Solution, they turned all their iPads into Single App Mode, so that the unnecessary use of the devices could be restricted. With such an excellent feature, they restricted their devices to a particular medical app that could help enter all the details of the patients without creating any mess. This digital movement not only saved their time but also helped the visitors who were struggling a lot while enrolling in the details. 

  • Medical App – The Digital Revolution in Healthcare

As the healthcare system switches from the traditional paper-based system to a digital platform, the need for secure and efficient data management has become more crucial. With their user-friendly interfaces and versatile features, iPads have become valuable tools in the healthcare sector. They offer the work-ability to access and update patient information on the go, fostering better communication among healthcare providers and improving overall patient care. This feature empowers healthcare professionals by creating a dedicated, secure, and efficient platform for managing patient information.

  • Single App Mode – The Game-changer

Single App Mode is a feature in Apple devices that allows the users (IT Admins/ Company owners) to lock their Apple devices (MacBooks, iPads) into a specific application, averting access to any other application. The main reason to turn the business devices into single app mode is to increase the productivity of your business without worrying about the security of your devices. 

 In the case of the healthcare sector, the management can easily turn their business iPads into Single App Mode with a medical or healthcare app. All they need to do is, select the most robust and cost-effective Auro24 MDM solution, enroll their iPads into the MDM, and turn on the Single App Mode in their iPads. Once it is selected, they can easily choose their desired healthcare app to run 24×7 on their business iPads to improve the enrollment facility for both old and new patients.

  • Features Offered by Single App Mode Healthcare Apps

The digital healthcare apps offer many features that help in running and managing all small, medium and multi-specialty hospitals seamlessly.

  1. Dedicated Application Access

Single App Mode ensures that the iPads are restricted to a specific healthcare application, eliminating distractions and maintaining focus on essential functionalities for patient data entry and management.

  1. Easy Data Entry

With the single app mode healthcare app, people can experience a hassle-free data entry process, as the app provides everything in detail and the visitors just need to follow the instructions carefully.

  1. User-friendly Experience

Single App Mode allows a simplified and innate user interface, ensuring that healthcare providers can efficiently input and retrieve patient data without unnecessary distractions. Such a user-friendly interface helps the patients to avail self-service by inputting the data on their own. This facility lessens the chance of facing any errors.

  • Advantages of a Healthcare App in Single App Mode

Using Single App mode for featuring healthcare apps in hospitals comes with many advantages.

  • Enhanced Data Security

By restricting the iPads to a medical app through single app mode, the threat of unauthorized access to sensitive patient information is significantly reduced. Encryption measures and secure logins further reinforce data security, aligning with healthcare privacy regulations. Multi-factor authentication and secure login procedures add an extra layer of protection, lessening the threat of unauthorized access.

  • Hassle-free Data Entry Process

As mentioned earlier, restricting iPads to a specific medical app allows for a hassle-free and user-friendly interface, facilitating quicker and more accurate data entry. When the management seamlessly navigates through the dedicated app, optimizing the data entry process, it reduces the likelihood of errors associated with multitasking.

  • Remote Data Entry

Healthcare professionals can use iPads for patient data entry not only within the confines of the healthcare facility but also remotely, fostering flexibility and improving the approach to service.


The blend of Single App Mode and MDM features creates a secure, competent, and acquiescent environment for healthcare professionals. By leveraging these capabilities, healthcare organizations can not only streamline data entry processes but also uphold the highest standards of patient care and data security in an increasingly digital healthcare environment. So, without worrying further, turn your business iPads into efficient healthcare apps through Single App Mode with the most robust MDM Solution of Auro24.

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